Actually, I don’t have the most favorite teacher. Every one of them has a unique way (it could be a good or a bad way) to teach me. Actually I had some criteria to make them be my favorite teacher. First, he/she has to be friendly to me. Second, he/she has to know my name. I didn’t like a teacher who called the students by ‘kamu’. For example ‘hey kamu yang duduk di depan, bla bla bla….. Third, she/he gave a clear explanation in giving the material. Fourth, she/he has to praise me when I did a good job or when I got a good/best score in the class ^.^
When I was in elementary school, I didn’t have a teacher like that but I enjoyed the lesson and the class because I had a nice friends. When I was in junior high school I had that kind of teacher. She was my English teacher. A lot of my friends said that she was ‘killer’ but I didn’t think so. She was friendly and kind to me because I always got a high score in her lesson. I was happy for that but sometimes I thought it was not good if she did that too much. I was afraid my friends became jealous to me and I didn’t want it happen. So, I tried to have a gap to her by did some naughty things, one of it was didn’t notice her explanation during her lesson. But, it didn’t work. Then, I only could be grateful to my God to have that kind of teacher (hehe).
When I was in senior high school, I saw a favorite teacher in different way. My favorite teachers at that time were they who had a teenager spirit (it was had by young teacher). So, my favorite teacher at that time was my Bahasa Indonesia teacher because he was still young (26 years old). He was not too handsome but he could make a song because he was a personnel of a group band.

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